” Life is the invisible, substantial, intelligent, individual, co-ordinating power and cause directing and controlling the forces involved in the production and activity of any organism possessing individuality.

Health is that balanced condition of the living organism in which the integral, harmonious performance of the vital functions tends to the preservation of the organism and the normal development of the individual.
Disease is an abnormal vital process, a changed condition of life, which is inimical to the true development of the individual and tends to organic dissolution.” defines Life, Health and Disease, in his immortal work ” The Genius of Homeopathy
Lectures and Essays on Homeopathic Philosophy
By Dr Stuart M. CLOSE”. These are most appropriate definition I found till date, as it requires nothing to add or nothing to subtract.

Now we have baseline to measure LIFE, HEALTH & DISEASE. We will build our talks over that.

Life, Health & Disease.

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3 thoughts on “Life, Health & Disease.

  1. Exactly, Thanks Shashank for this kind of marvellous work.
    Got again true definition which not known to me. Keep sharing bro.

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