Antibiotic resistance is rising at alarming rates. 

Medical researchers in France wanted to determine whether homeopathy might be an effective option for reducing the over-reliance on antibiotics in family medicine.
They found that patients who consult family physicians certified in homeopathy used significantly less antibiotics and antipyretic/anti-inflammatory drugs for upper respiratory tract infections than those who attended family physicians who prescribe only conventional medications, WITH SIMILAR OUTCOMES.
This finding is of considerable public health importance given that antimicrobial resistance is now a major global problem. One of its main causes is overuse of antibiotics for upper respiratory tract infections.
Source: Grimaldi-Bensouda L, Begaud B, Rossignol M, Avouac B, Lert F, et al. (2014) Management of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections by Different Medical Practices, Including Homeopathy, and Consumption of Antibiotics in Primary Care: The EPI3 Cohort Study in France 2007–2008. PLoS ONE 9(3): e89990.
Thanks to Dr. Prashant Shah Sir for sharing.

Antibiotic resistance

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